Ayurveda Massages

Yogaveda offers the following Ayurvedic massages:


Traditional ayurvedic body massage with warm oil, used to heal and keep the body healthy.

By using special oils and therapeutic techniques, it vitalizes the body. The energy in the body is made to flow, the digestion, nervous, circulatory and immune system is regulated, the detoxification of the body is stimulated.

€ 45,-/ 60 minutes
€ 55,-/ 80 minutes


Head massage with special ayurvedic head massage oil. Reduces stress and very soothing to a tense nervous system.

In combination with shoulder and neck massage, the shoulder and neck muscles are also relaxed.

€ 23,-/ 30 minutes

Marma Facial Massage

It relaxes the facial muscles, calming and soothing effect on the nervous system.

The stimulation of the Marmapunkte (vital points) in the face stimulates the energy flow, relieves stress and generates well-being. With special ayurvedic oils also against wrinkling, dry or greasy skin.

€ 23,-/ 30 minutes

Abhyanga Partial Body Massages

Back, abdomen (front upper body and arms), legs, head and face are massaged as required and the individual problems are dealt with. Blockages in the body are released and the energy is again flowed.

Depending on treatment type 30-60 minutes.

€ 23,-/ 30 minutes
€ 34,-/ 45 minutes
€ 45,-/ 60 minutes


Foot massage with oil, which incorporates many of the marma's (vital points) of the foot. Relaxes, relieves stress and stimulates metabolism.

The lymph and nervous system is stimulated. Always in combination with a leg massage.

€ 23,-/ 30 minutes
€ 34,-/ 45 minutes

- The indicated treatment times include a rest period of approx. 5 minutes, depending on the intensity -

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