Classic Massages

Yogaveda offers the following massages:

Classic massage

The classic whole body massage allow you to take special care of your personal weaknesses. It supplies the muscles, skin, tissues and organs better with oxygen and nutrients.

It stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, works pain-relieving during tension and relaxing after a long day working or after intensive training.

€ 45,-/ 60 minutes
€ 55,-/ 80 minutes

Foot Reflexology

The reflex zones on the foot correspond to certain areas, such as organs and glands in the body, since this is a composite ot the whole.

Through a massage of the reflex zones, a certain stimulus is set, which shows its effect by a reflexive coupling in the corresponding area of the body. The associated organs and body parts can be activated and harmonized again.

The reflexology massage is used to restore the body to an equilibrium state.

€ 23,-/ 30 minutes
€ 34,-/ 45 minutes
€ 45,-/ 60 minutes

Classic partial body massage

A targeted massage of the back, the legs, the abdomen and / or the arms can help with pain and tension.

30-60 minutes depending on your requirements.

€ 23,-/ 30 minutes
€ 34,-/ 45 minutes
€ 45,-/ 60 minutes

- The indicated treatment times include a rest period of approx. 5 minutes, depending on the intensity -

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