The word 'yoga' means unity, harmony. Strictly speaking, it symbolizes the unity of body, mind and soul. Yoga is an ancient Indian exercise system, which has proved particularly well for the West.


The modern lifestyles we live, with more and more stress and tension than ever before, makes it difficult for us to relax and causes many people to get sick.

To address this problem, Yogis have developed a training system and a philosophy that allows us to live a life of peace and harmony, to recognize and overcome our inner limitations and to develop joy of life again. Because yoga works on body and mind, the whole personality is encouraged, harmonized and integrated at all levels. This can give your life a deeper meaning.

Everyone is able to do yoga, whether they are old, young, flexible or not so flexible. Yoga generally improves our health and flexibility, strengthens the immune system and gain vitality and strength. Also the mind also benefits from it, because restlessness and disturbances of concentration dissapear, and the mind remains sharp and active until old age.

"One gram of practice weighs more than a ton of theory. Practice yoga daily and achieve self-realization"

- Swami Sivananda -

Yoga Kurse

Yoga ist für alle geeignet, auch für dich. Lass dich gerne beraten, welcher Kurs dir Freude bereiten wird. Yogaveda biete an:

Yoga courses for beginners

You learn yoga exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to strengthen circulation, improve flexibility, resolve tension and harmonize the mind. The essential 5 points of yoga are explained.

Advanced Yoga course

Deepening your own practice by improving your yoga poses and breathing exercises, as well as by varying and expanding the classical yoga exercises.


Yoga for Children

Hard work brings its own reward, and yoga offers young people the best basis for life. Through the playful exercise of the yogas, their natural mobility is preserved, balance is balanced, the concentration and memory capacity improved.


Gentle Yoga / 50+ Yoga

There is no age restriction for exercising yoga and it is never too late to start with yoga! The yoga poses and breathing exercises are carried out gently, slowly and taking into account the individual needs of the body. They increase your flexibility, strong heart and circulation, and improve your concentration and relaxation.

Yoga for pregnant women

Private yoga lessons, adapted to the special needs of mother and child during pregnancy.

Yoga for companies, clubs or friends

If you are interested in a yoga session with your co-workers, or if you want do yoga amongst your family or friends, Yogaveda can offer tailer-made yogasessions. If you have a spacious room avaibable, Yogaveda can arrange yoga on location. Price by agreement.


Private yoga classes, adapted to your own special needs or wishes.

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